Venues, What’s in it for you?

Welcome to our new and exciting art event business, Cocktails and Creations where local artists teach a step-by-step painting class to customers while they enjoy their favourite cocktails and food. We will be holding these events at different venues throughout Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton and I am interested in hosting an event at you restaurant. 


What is in it for you? Creative, Fun and Social Painting Parties- Ancaster, Oakville, Burliington,

  • I will be bringing in 15-20 customers who would love to try the menu items you offer.
  • Free Advertising! Our website / Twitter/ Facebook pages will be advertising the venues before the event takes place.
  • We can utilize your private area off the main restaurant, which might not be used during the week. 
  • If that wasn’t enough our business is sure to do well and repeat word of mouth business is sure to come!


Cocktails and Creations will be a weekly event-taking place at a variety of venues, but I am also looking for long-term event nights with venues that are interested. 

I would love to speak with you further, please call me at 905-818-1637 or contact me